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Office furniture and workspace design trends transform rather quickly. So too do business needs of our customers. That’s why Commercial Office Environments strives to keep you up-to-date on the latest in office furniture, workspace and office environment news. Check out our blog for ideas, new products or just check in for occasional inspiration to keep your workspace current and operational.

Ways of working constantly change.  Workspaces must evolve.  Technology integration, mobile workers and ergonomic consideration all drive business. Let us keep you current and provide thoughts and leadership on ways of working.  Inspired spaces inspire work. Check out our Facebook, Instagram or visit


We Hired for Greatness. COE Welcomes Leah Stanton!

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Improving Student Productivity and Collaboration with Design

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Our designers, Erick, Angela, and Amber hanging out with Patricia Urquiola at this year’s NeoCon!

conference table

One of our new tables, Immerse, shown with Poppy guest seating on casters with Big Arrow fabric.

fern chair

A new Haworth chair!?